Goat Skins, Djembe Drum Goatskins from Mali, Africa, and Doumbek Goatskins from Pakistan
Djembe Goatskins

Djembe Drum Goat Skins Mali Hair Off Goatskins. These are rough shaved skins ready to head your drum. Shipped medium or Specify thickness in order comments! These are all hand selected and cut to minimum 23 inch rounds for less shipping cost!

Call for discount pricing above five skins.


Doumbek Goatskin

Base Price for our 8 inch diameter natural unbleached rawhide goat skin round. This skin is most popular for doumbek and hoop drum heads in unbleached skin. Works great for large school project drums. Clean and easy to work with, try one for a percussive craft project! Makes great rattles or shakers. Natural goat skin round, fits many Middle Eastern style drums.

- Clean, pesticide free, and unbleached
- Natural colors and variations
- Warm, rich sound only a REAL goat skin can deliver !
- Thin to medium to heavy thickness, for a sharp "tek" sound. (specify below)

These are the exact size in diameter. Usually you need a larger size for easy mounting with your project! These vary in color, thickness, and transparency. They can be white, tan, mottled, and range from opaque to nearly transparent! Great for henna work, or as vellum for that special parchment project.

Choose your diameter, and amount is added to our base price of $7.99. Order two hundred dollars total and call for a discount quote!


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