Doumbek Marduk Shamash Ceramic Stoneware Drum


This Medium size hand thrown stoneware ceramic doumbek, this is a joy to play! Thrown in one piece and light in weight for its size, it has a great range of tones, and is sensitive to every finger touch. This is glazed with my matte brown glaze smooth and sensual. It is decorated with a Shamash symbol on one side, flanked by a Marduk Minotaur image. This has a beautiful orange tie dyed skin with purple accents to compliment the drum. Perfect drum to enhance your skills or as a accompanying drum. Play these between your legs, or on your hip with skill!

This drum is 8.5 inches high by 7.25 inches at the head, a perfect size for traveling with, but still with a large bass and very crisp top end tones.