Professional Stoneware Doumbek Darbuka Hand Drum


A large professional size hand thrown stoneware doumbek is a joy to play! Thrown in two pieces and light in weight for its size, it has a great range of tones, and is sensitive to every finger touch. Decorated with a blue dots and wave pattern incised and wrapping the base. This is glazed my Matte brown glaze that picks up every detail of the forms highlights! The goat skin is without blemish on this drum. Perfect drum to enhance your skills or as a performance drum. It is large enough for the trumpet to stay clear even while wearing a loose sleeved shirt as many players wear.

I have made these drums for twenty years, and as a hand drum instructor, I demand the best sound, feel, and look from them! The elegant venturi shape is optimal for this type drum giving good volume, bass, and tonal range. The goat skin head is securely glued on, the lip shape allowing for plenty of glued surface and a nice rounded edge easy on your fingers. I throw these very light, so do not expect a clunker!

This middle Eastern belly dance style drum includes two clay strap lugs mounted at the balance point, so just add a cloth shoulder strap and these are easy to carry and play. Ceramic drum can break, so I highly recommend you store them on a wall hook, away from sunlight and moisture. The cloth strip is mainly decorative. but also adds to make a non slip surface to rest your hand. This drum is LARGE at 13 inches high by 10 inches at the head.