Pan Goat Devil Horns - Custom Colored Polymer Clay Costume Satyr Horn

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Pan Goat Devil Horns - Custom Colored Polymer Clay Costume Satyr Horns

Perfect for Theater Productions, Parties, and Costume Events!

 wearable Pan Horns, custom colored polymer clay costume goat horns

Horns O` Plenty has sold thousands of these

Pan Goat Devil Horns

at the Michigan Renaissance Fair. Hand crafted with sculpy Polymer clay, these whimsical horns delight children and adults alike. Pan, the light hearted, pipe playing, goat footed figure in mythology, never looked this good. Light weight and durable, they are tied under the hair with a soft brown nylon cord.

Greek Roman God Pan, horn wearing seducer  Goat footed god pan wears these horns  Pan horns, costume horns, head horns 
Nubbins (Flesh colored only) - $16  

Virgins Pan Goat Devil Horns

(Flesh colored with brown accents only)
and Colored Nubbins - $18 

Colored Pan Goat Devil Horns

- $21 

These are some of the great colors of

Pan Goat Devil Horns

I try to keep in stock !

Pan Horns hand crafted for adults  parties.
Black and tan
Devil Horns crafted for children
Black and Tan Nubs
Custom Colored Polymer Clay Costume Satyr Horn
Gray and White
wearable hand crafted for adults and children, theater and parties.
All Black
pan horns
All Red
devil horns
Green and Gold
goat god horns
Lavendar and Blue
satyr horn
Blue and Turquoise
wearable theater play horns
Fire tip Black
goat devil horn

Pan horns                  pan horns                 pan horns on hat
Not enough hair? then just spread 'em wide !               Women wear them proudly!!!!                              or add them to a hat!

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