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Got a djembe drummer on your list? These items are always appreciated!
Miniature Djembe Sterling Silver Drum

Miniature Djembe Sterling Silver Drum charm has all the detail of a real djembe. These charms are not just thrown in a tumbler, they are hand finished and polished as a piece of fine silver. It has a soldered hanging link, and we include a 1mm black leather cord.This made in two pieces, soldered and assembled fully hollow like a djembe. If you wish a silver chain or want a quote in 10k gold, start a conversation, and we can include what you need at extra cost.

Designed as a gift for djembe drummers, it is offered here on a limited basis. A bit too heavy for an earring, it makes a unique drum jewelry pendant, jewelry charm bracelet addition, or add to your drum jewelry!


Easy Rigg Rope Puller

Djembe Rope Puller prevents tired and sore hands keeping your djembe drum in top shape. Get a djembe rope puller to grip the rope for you and make the job easy! Plastic comfort handle. Specify color preference in order comments.


Drummers Hand Balm Shea Butter - Dragon Butter

Dragon Butter uses the natural healing properties of Tea Tree, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E, combined with Shea Butter and Jojoba to moisturize. Magickally developed for the hard working hands of craftmen and drummers, this all organic treatment heals, seals and protects. Created by a jeweler, potter, and drummer to save their own hands, this rich firm blend is now shared with you!

Used as both a preventative, and to heal existing cracked skin! Pleasant lavendar scented aroma.

This specially formulated shea butter salve is the best I've ever used! It is a stiff mixture that melts in your hand. The African Shea Nut Butter is a superb moisturizer, and the Beeswax seals the moisture in skin as the pure essential oils help heal and disinfect. A tiny pea sized amount spread over your hands does the trick. I work in water doing ceramics all day and drum three nights a week. Without shea based Dragon Butter, my hands are a mess of sore, open cracks. A friend uses it on her feet to soften callouses and prevent cracks and loves it!


Drum Rope Black Low Stretch Polyester Double Weave

Djembe Drum Rope, 5mm double weave polyester drum rope. Perfect for all djembes, priced in 25 foot increments at .35 per foot [add 25 foot increments once order is added in cart]. This as always included FREE SHIPPING!


Djembe Rope Puller Bar, Djembe Drum Rope Wizard

Djembe drums are tuned with a minimum of diamonds with this new design in a steel bar with cleat for tightening drum rope verticals! Pull drums to playing tightness with few diamonds needed. Saves your back and your hands. Our design keeps the cleat low to the rope for easy insertion and pulling with out drum damage. The price jumped recently when steel went up, but you need heavy duty here!

Instructions included! Shipped FREE!


Djembe Drum Head Cover, Professional

A Djembe Drum needs a padded head cover! These beautiful and functional foam padded cloth covers have elastic to hold tight to your drum. Bright colors, patterns, superior workmanship. Fits 14 inches measured at the widest point of the drum at rings!


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