Hawkdancing Customers Offer Testimonials | Praise to Products and Service

Use paypal for African Djembe Drums, Goatskins, and Professional Mali Percussion. djembe drum from Mali Hawkdancing Clay Altar Pottery, Goddess Sculpture and Fine Crafts. Google+ Professional Djembe Drums and Mali Percussion.
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African Djembe Drums

Two master craftsmen

djembe drum from Mali

Hawkdancing Customers Offer Testimonials | Praise to Products and Service

Since establishing an online presence in 1998 Hawkdancing has worked to satisfy every single customer we have met.

Here are just some of the comments that our customers took the time to offer. It makes it all worth it!

I just want to say your belly dance scarves are the best I have found anywhere!
Thank you!
Amy W.
I wanted to say thanks for Great Service!!. I received the goatskin drumhead that you shipped. Perfect! Your site is easy to find products, find help, watch tutorials and get a few interesting artifacts as well!!

Well done, you are on my "A" list for promptness, communication and products shipped as described for the price you quoted. AND... you got it here faster and better priced than me trying to drive to houston and buying one there!
Thanks again... We have to tell our friends about your great site at our next meet-up.
Scott and Jason
I just wanted to thank you for the time that you took to write how to replace djembe head . It would have been much more difficult without your help.
Hi Nels,
I received the Bougarabou in fine shape today. I love the drum .... it has so many voices to explore ! Thanks again for your wonderful quality of service.
With peace ....
I just got my hat, and I must say it was well worth the wait! The design, craftsman(or woman)ship, and extra yarn for the tassle were superb. It is a great height, and fits on my head just tight enough to be comfortable and secure. I love the wire in the brim, I posed it a few different ways and think it helps change the character of the hat very well on the go. The yarn isn't itchy like some acrylics, and seems to be stiff enough to keep the hat nice and pointy. Your customer service skills are spectacular, and I am a very satisfied customer. I plan on ordering another hat very soon.
Thank you very much,
You have a great web site. This web site provides what the best of the internet has to offer: connecting people with useful, free information that can help them to enhance their own life. I appreciate it and plan to order some items from here to \"vote with my dollars\".
I am reheading and restringing my second drum. Your informational guide showed me numerous errors on my previous rebuilding. Thank you so much for sharing this detailed material. This drum is a thousand times better thanks to your professional site.
Susan H.
Dear Nels,
Got the drum today (UPS was being stupid)...The drum ($80 one, plain head and temoku glaze) is beautiful...I like the tie-dyed looking ribbon around the head.
Thanks again!
Michelle W.
I received the drum today and it is just BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you. I would like to purchase a few more, although of course I cannot buy a bunch at once. How many do you have in stock, and how often do you plan to get them?
Pam N.
Thanks for the extra effort to get it to me safe & sound, in a timely way.
Take care,
Hi Nels The drums have arrived (just in time for the solstice!!!) and we love them! Gorgeus sound and aesthetics - we are thrilled!
Thanks again!
The djembe necklaces are terrific!!! Such nice craftsmanship!!! I was very pleased with mine and my friend, for whom it was a gift from me, loved hers too! I have received many many compliments and have given you website address out to folks! You must be a djembe player or enthusiast because all the details are perfect! Thanks for your efforts to give "us drummers" some very wonderful pieces of art that express something so important to us! Good luck and again, the charms are terrific!
Thank you for your email. I received the wall doll yesterday - it is wonderful.
Thank you!
Hi, I just wanted to tell you how please I was with the calf skins that I purchased from you. I have already used both skins that you shipped to me. The sound is wonderful thank you.
Do you have any more Calf skins? I must say that I am very happy with your service and will use you exclusively for any of my skin needs.
Thank you.
Al T.
UPS delivered the Djembe and Doumbek yesterday afternoon. I am very pleased with both drums. The Djembe is nicely made and the sound, even under my ametuerish hand, is great. The workmanship on the Doumbek is outstanding. It has a nice crisp tone (when I am able to do it correctly).
Thank you again for all your help with selecting these instruments. I am sure my wife, Cindy, will be thrilled when I give the drums to her on our anniversary.
Thanks Nels
I received the hides. there great Every one is so happy to get some good hides as they are hard to get over here. Will be ordering more in about a week. Aloha from the Big Island.
Aloha Nels...Wise call on the shipping...thanx.
Also ---blessings for all your worthy advice. I'm part of a women's tribal/goddess drumming group and am looking forward to trying my "hand(s)" at creating some new sounds. New journey....yea!
Goddess Bless )0(
Springs (Christine)
Thank you for everything. I so look foward to receiving me drum next week and getting started! Your instructions are wonderful.

Nels, the drum arrived today ... in great shape. It is so beautiful! You keep your word!!!
Thank you!
Just received the skin and it's perfect!
Roberta "Bobbie"
Nels, Chris ordered 5 drums from you last fall. I am the fortunate owner of the Guinea drum pictured below, PGU-13. Wherever I play it I get comments on its wonderful sound and great looks. What a fabulous instrument! In fact, all of the drums she bought from you are now being happily played every week and I must say, they all sound great!
Thank you for making this quality drum available.
Thank you SO much for the information! I'm sorry it took me so long to thank you. Please forgive me. I really appreciate the help.
Love & Light
Drum All Night
Thanks for the response, and the order update. I can appreciate needing to know if someone underage is using a credit card.
Anyway, thanks for shipping the order. Your "store" was recommended to me by a fellow potter who has been making drums, and it was a pleasure doing business with you.
Thank you very much for the order. This came in a very timely matter, and the packing was great also. Thank you so much now my boy could get his drums that he wanted. I want to wish you the best and take care, we just might be back.
Hi Nels,
Today I received the djembe pendant, and what a great pendant it is! I like to send my compliments to Judy for making the pendant so real and detailled. The djembe was ment as a birthdaygift from my daughter(Lynn) to my girlfriend(Ilse). Lynn is 8 months young and she likes the djembe(sound) very much. My girlfriend played djembe in the time she was pregnant so Lynn must have heard the sound many times then. We could not keep the secret today so we gave Ilse an early birthdaypresent. She is very happy with it. We have been searching for a djembe pendant for a long time and finally she has one... :-) ...
Thank you very much!
Best regards,
I am reheading and restringing my second drum. Your informational guide showed me numerous errors on my previous rebuilding. Thank you so much for sharing this detailed material. This drum is a thousand times better thanks to your professional site.
Susan H.
Wow! I already received the hip scarf today. It exactly matches my choli top, the same color velvet. The size and length of the decorative part are also perfect. Thanks so much for all your phone help.
- Rhoda
"What to look for in a djembe"?
Thank you so much for this article. When I googled that exact phrase your article was the first to come up, and it told me exactly what I needed to know! I am a beginning djembe player in Montreal. They sell drums here "from Africa" and this article is helping me to know how to shop and what questions to ask. I have to say, the pictures of your djembes show them to be far superior. I hope some day to buy one from you. I am very grateful that I have your experience to help me, thank you for making it available.
Missy S.
Got the coin belt and I love it. I'm going to look at your site for more possibilities for my students. They are probably going to want more of these. Thanks so much!
Hallo Nels,
The little silver Djembe arrived today, she is very cute. Thank you. I will show them my Djembe class. When somebody wants these Djembe, I order them at you.
Bruni K, Germany
Hey Bro:
I'm a drum reheader and repairer with over 25 years experience (not to mention professional performer who has toured the world with numerous bands). I have to say, yours is the most complete directions I've ever seen for djembe head replacements! It's almost too good - you give away all my hard-earned secrets?

But good for you.Your head prices are great too. I just may have to get some Guinea heads from you soon. Congratulations on a great informative site.
I bought a velvet hip scarf in the wide V style. Was it made in Egypt? If not, where? My sister dancers compliment me on it so much; we all want to know. I tell everyone Hawkdancing; check it out!
Thank you,
Hello Nels,
Got the drum and charm today. Your timing couldn't have been better. Our facilitated drumming circle group met tonight.
The drum is beautiful, and plays SO nicely! It just felt like it really fit well in my hands too!! And, the charm is even more attractive in person.
I'm really looking forward to a djembe someday. So I'll let you know when I start getting closer to making that happen. Thanks for everything Nels!
Nels, I received my vase yesterday. It's absolutely wonderful. I love it. You are a person with great talent and a soaring spirit. I am glad that you are in this world and that I had the privilege to meet you last summer at the art fair. Be all that you are. Take care.
Peace, Debi
Hi Nels: The skin arrived today. It's a real beauty! Just like the one on my main jembe that was built by Mahiri Keita. If you can, please keep a record of the type and color skin you sent me. I'll be ordering more in the future:) Do you have any like it WITH hair?
Thanks again - K.K.
thank you to both you and celeste for your efforts in getting this to me so quickly... your kind flexibility is much appreciated.
I appreciate the prompt responce. I recieved the package yesterday, and everything is great. Love the skin, and am pumped about getting it on my drum.
Thanks again,
That silver djembe is a work of art. What detail! I love it! Thanks for getting it right out. I'll tell my friends I got it from Hawkdancing and point them to your fine web site.
Dear Niels,
thanks again. i love my drum. I really appreciated the personal attention that you gave to me. I told you what i was looking for...you came up with 3 options. Based on what you said I paid you for a drum--sight unseen.
When it arrived,I was not dissapointed. Everything you said about my beloved drum was true. the drum is teaching me how to play it.
thank you very much
others saw my drum..and confirmed i got my monies worth
I will recomend you to others
bye for now Roman
Customer Comments: Hi, I received my djembe drum the other day and it's great! Thanks!
John Wilson
Skin, rope and hoop worked out well. My Djembe sounds better than ever!
Thanks very much. Julien
Nels, Got the drum today, looks great! Thanks for everything!
-Megan Cordes
Thank you so much for the fast delivery! I wasn't expecting it so soon. Great service!
Thanks again and the skins look great!
Hi Nels,
I received the beautiful giraffe plate today. Thank you so much for your quick shipping. It's gorgeous!
Thanks again. Joan
Thank you soo much! It finally came in to day, (well, earlier) and that thing works like a charm! Makes me want to finish the drum I'm making earlier just to get started pulling! :) :) :)
Thanks for everything!
Thank you so much for providing this valuable service. I find the Solar-Lunar calander to be a most enriching and valuable tool. Its beautiful artwork, ever-inspiring message, and clearly discernable astrological info have been a part of my life since 2000.
Many thanks and wishes for a prosperous New Year.
Josh G
I just received my order and the peices are beautiful. Give my compliments to Kendra. I will definetely order again.
Thanks and Happy Holidays
Hi Nels,
Thanks so much for your assistance in getting the djembe drum for my son. It arrived the day before his birthday (great!). At his birthday party I borrowed drums for all the kids and brought in a professional drum instructor. He led all the kids in the drum circle, showed them different patterns, etc. It was wonderful!
Thanks again, oh yes, the drum itself is really really nice!
Carol Parker
thanx nels for the beautiful skin and prompt delivery. it was a pleasure ordering from you.
Thanks so much Nels I appreciate the extra size you threw in. I will give you great feedback!
Dear Nels and Judy.......... This afternoon ....the postman brought me the golden djembé. MY GOD>>>>>>>>>>>>HE'S BEAUTIFUL>
I know for now that some people ask me where I got it......and thats why I wanna know the price for a silver djembé and the price for a golden djembé...including shipping.
If people ask me I can give them the price and when the y want too buy one........I give them your address.
Bless you and Judy ....................bey bey.

jeanne k.....Nederland
Received the calendar, it's wonderful. Thanks for a great transaction.
Stephan Collins
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