Online Rhythm, Djembe and Hand Drum Instruction Course

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Online Rhythm, Djembe and Hand Drum Instruction Course

The Rhythm Course is FREE with every Drum Purchase!

Many folks have no access to a qualified hand drum teacher or drumming community and need a little structure and instruction to develop their hand drumming skills. I offer a hand drumming and rhythm instructional course that helps you develop skills and a library of rhythms that are fun to play and will help you join in drum groups.

I use a Shareware Program called "Henry's Percussion Studio". Rhythm percussion patterns are often difficult to remember, and even more difficult to read. Percussion Studio solves these problems with its simple rhythm and drum notation system that lets you easily transcribe rhythms. It can play multiple instrument voices simultaneously, and each track is mutable so you can play along and learn individual djembe drum parts. The program comes with a set of standard rhythms, and you can add your own percussion instruments. It provides functions for automatic handset notation. You can also use Percussion Studio as a rhythm sampler with WAV files. The program allows simultaneous playing and editing, and plays note changes immediately.

The Rhythm player is FREE! an upgrade to an editor to save, edit, and create new rhythms is $29, a bargain for what this program offers!

A sampling of Latin and African percussion and hand drum instrument
Image from the Hawkdancing Rhythm Course

   A sampling of Latin and African percussion and hand drum instrument .WAV files and Rhythms come with the program, and I email you Hawkdancing Rhythm Course files to learn and play along with. I have a whole library of sound files from East Indian to Balinese instruments to add when you are ready!

   The Program allows you to adjust the tempo to a speed suitable for learning, and play along with the part you are learning or play along with the other parts of a poly rhythm. I include bell and DunDun parts for each rhythm to help you get the feeling of playing with a whole percussion orchestra and you can learn these parts as well. Complete email instruction come along with each lesson. The program is only for PC Windows systems, a decent sound card (most work), and a processor of at least 200mghz is required. Headphones work great as most drums are louder than your computer speakers unless you run through a stereo system.

You receive complete and tested instruction in setting up and using the Hawkdancing Rhythm Course and the Percussion Studio Player, how to play the djembe, and individual notes on each rhythm in the Rhythm Course !

The Course is divided into two eight week lessons plans.

    The Beginning course includes:
  • Basic djembe technique Instruction
  • Handing options for Rhythms
  • Eight complete rhythm files
  • Phone or email support
  • Problem solving
    Rhythms included:
  • Ibo
  • Nyaka
  • Shiko
  • Americanized
  • Kake Lambe
  • Shiko
  • Ibo
  • Sambav
  • Guinea Rhumba
  • Camberto
    The Advance Course includes:
  • Basic technique Instruction
  • Advanced rhythm techniques
  • Eight complete rhythm files
  • Phone or email consulting
  • Problem solving
  • Lead phrases to practice
  • Resources to further your study!
    Some rhythms included:
  • Djansa
  • Yankadi
  • Country Style Tiriba
  • 3 Bass Kassa
  • Fulafare
  • Soli Santa Maria
  • Djoli
  • Bidi Djansa

Beginners Course is included FREE with any Djembe purchase!
Separate each 8 week course is only $19.00

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