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African Djembe Drums

Two master craftsmen

djembe drum from Mali

Nels Linde | Judith Olson-Linde Ceramic and Metal Artists

We are artist craftsmen living in NW Wisconsin, 75 minutes from Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota. We live along the South Fork of the Hay River. It is an area of small farmsteads nestled in rolling hills. Some say "the sticks", We know it's the center of the universe!

Nels A. Linde

Judith E. Olson-Linde
I pursued a studio arts degree for two years at the University of Minnesota, before becoming a full-time ceramic artist in Wisconsin in 1975. I exhibited nationally at art shows and galleries in California, New Mexico, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. I continue to sell my work and the work of other artists, imported drums and costuming, through this website,

I have explored a variety of Ceramic work, from functional stoneware, tilework, decorative and sculptural porcelain, and currently am back working in stoneware. I began building ceramic drums 25 years ago, and that has led to teaching hand drumming and importing African drums. Much of my current clay work revolves around sculpted stoneware shakers, rattles, and bells. These are designed for use in rituals, devotionals, and ceremonies.

I have a long history of community involvement and service. I am a past member of the Carpenters and Joiners Union. I have established and hosted many area email lists, events, workshops, and groups. I have offered workshops in hand drumming and building throughout the Midwest and am community adviser to the UW Stout Hand Drumming Club. My wife, Judy Olson-Linde, and I called for a meeting in January 2007 that established what would become the Upper Midwest Pagan Alliance (UMPA). As President and Action chair, we guided that organization in support of the Pentacle Quest, and through February of 2011.

I was introduced to Pagan experience at the Pagan Spirit Gathering in 1986, and have participated in that event for the last 27 years. I have coordinated the Mens ritual at PSG three times, and contributed to the community ritual design, production, and ritual prop development for several years at that festival. I presented at PSG 2011 as part of the Circle Leadership Adjunct Faculty.

I am currently a Council Member at Large, and have been a member of Harmony Tribe for fourteen years, and served on its Council for 12 years. I draw much of my spiritual experience from festivals, and time spent in the woods of Wisconsin, but am also an initiate of the Glenn, Alexandrian tradition, and the Crystal Blue, Blue Star tradition and currently practice within that tradition with the Hearth Stone Blue Star Coven.

I am co-editor of the Pagan Newswire Collective-Minnesota Bureau (PNC-MN). Without formal training as a journalist, I have written for publications, website development, editorials, and the "Pagan public" for several years.

I am currently a member of Harmony Tribe, and UMPA. I contribute website development and support to both those organizations. I am co-moderator of many area email lists and groups, but rarely am needed in that capacity. I am co-host and founder of the Sacred Fire Circle in Paradise.

I am committed to the development of non-hierarchical and anti-authoritarian relationships, from interpersonal relationships to group dynamics. I help groups organize collectively, committed to the principle of consensus decision-making and the development of a direct, participatory democratic process that is transparent to those involved.

I continue to learn.
By age twelve Judy had already checked out all the books available at the Saint Paul public library on magic and the occult. She developed an interest in tarot as a teenager, which she continued to pursue as a young woman. Her first formal occult classes were with Stephen Sinnott in Tarot, Quabalah and Ceremonial Magic.

After a stay in Europe and returning to learn the trade of the goldsmith, Judy discovered the Twin Cities had a Pagan community. She had practiced magic as a solitary witch until she started a family, and sought out Pagan like minds to raise her children with. She got involved with a Pagan children's play and education group in the early nineties.

Judy has been a practicing custom Goldsmith for the last twenty five years. She has produced hundreds of custom pieces for a whole range of clients, in many forms and metals. Judy mainly uses the lost wax process of casting, but also fabricates pieces.

Judy joined the Iris Dawn teaching circle and was eventually initiated and elevated to second degree in the Glen Alexandrian tradition. She began attending festivals in the mid 90's at the Covenant of the Goddess's Northern Dawn sponsored Merry Meet, and became entranced with the festival experience. At festivals she found expression for her love of ritual, movement, and rhythm.

In 2001 Judy began working with Harmony Tribe, and began writing festival rituals in 2003. She has been Harmony Tribe Ritual Director for seven years, and also served as Activities Director. Judy is currently the 2012 Steward of Harmony Tribe, inc. She has presented at the Pagan Spirit Gathering 2011 as part of the Circle Leadership Adjunct Faculty.

Judy Olson-Linde, and her husband, Nels Linde, called for a meeting in January 2007 which established what would become the Upper Midwest Pagan Alliance. Guided by her vision, and working with the kernel of an idea, the Veterans' Pentacle Rights Ritual was created, and the entire Twin Cities pagan community rallied to action. That ritual took place during a blizzard on the steps of the Minnesota State Capitol in support of the Pentacle Quest. She subsequently served as Action Chair for U.M.P.A. through February of 2011.

Judy is a member of the Twin Cities Tarot Guild. She has worked in the commercial jewelry industry and is considered a master goldsmith, She continues to create custom coven pendants for many area groups. She is an initiate of the Blue Star tradition and current member of Hearth Stone Blue Star.

You can contact us through this Website or at:

Hawkdancing Studio
Nels Linde / Judith Olson - Linde
#42 1-1/2 St
Clear Lake, WI 54005

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