Sculptural Vessels Information: Hand Built Porcelain Vessels.

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Sculptural Vessels Information: Hand Built Porcelain Vessels

Just what are these pieces I'm looking at?

These are handbuilt vessels of high fire English Porcelain. I build them the old fashioned way; with a rolling pin. I join the pieces by hand and refining the shape in relief. I then spray the backs black and incise (scratch) through the black to reveal the white line. The fronts are done spraying the darkest color, and then sponging off the overspray. I continue this process working to lighter colors. I use small hand held masks to protect already sprayed areas, though a little light color won't show on the dark. I then add brushwork and can scrape or incise any area to let the porcelain white show through. It is a tedious process and any bump, scratch, or brushstroke can only be redone by sponging clean and starting over. I do this all with ceramic stains mixed as a light slip on the wet piece. It is then bisque fired when dry, coated with a clear glaze, and refired to 2300 deg. f.

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These are designed as decorative works of Art in their own right and I seek to share some of my personal vision through them. They are functional as vessels as well, hold water, and I often display them with a few cut flowers. They have a wonderful three dimensional quality and I invite you to look closely as some (above) contain more than at first glance!

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