Taking Sacred Back - by Nels and Judy Linde

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Taking Sacred Back
The Complete Guide to Designing and Sharing Group Ritual

Taking Sacred Back

Whether you are designing a group ritual for five people or five hundred, Taking Sacred Back will help you make it moving and memorable. Explore creative ideas for all the stages of ritual—making the space sacred, entering into the liminal, engaging the subconscious of all attendees, creating awe and wonder, raising and directing energy, and ending the ritual. Discover advice on hardware and prop-making (and tips on using props effectively) and ideas for scaling up or scaling down for larger or smaller groups. Complete with photos and diagrams, examples of rituals the authors have conducted, and wise problem-solving advice, Taking Sacred Back is an indispensable guide for all ritualists.

Trade Paperback | 9780738748917
360 pages | 8 x 9 x 1 IN
Llewellyn, Inc. Publishing

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Judy and Nels Linde

...are ritualists, authors, and community leaders in the Upper Midwest, Minneapolis area. We have spent twenty plus years as presenters, teachers, ritualists, and merchants traveling to many regional and national Pagan festivals. We have been guest presenters at the Pagan Spirit Gathering, Heartland Pagan Festival, Pantheacon, Paganicon, Pagan Unity Festival, Sacred Harvest Festival, and other events. We have sat on guest discussion panels, offered community rituals, and presented workshops on developing community leadership skills, ritual design and production, and community percussion.

Judy and Nels Linde
Judy Olson-Linde / Nels Linde
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Book Endorsements :

"I believe that one of the greatest gifts that Pagans can give each other, and perhaps the world is the gift of good ritual. I was fortunate enough to see great rituals in my early years as a Pagan and they transformed my life. We have grown fast as a community and the number of trained ritualists has been spread too thin. Good ritual is becoming a rarity. Taking Sacred Back is a gift filled with love, reverence, and hope for our communities. Taking Sacred Back is a treasure that I hope finds its way into the hands and hearts of all who are called to bear the torch of ritual."

Ivo Dominguez, Jr. - Author and Ritualist

" A wonderfully in-depth book. Everything is here for those who want to create community ritual. It is both insightful and educational. We would highly recommend it for both beginner and advanced ritualist."

Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone ; Author(s) "A Witches Bible", "The Witches Goddess", "The Inner Mysteries" and "Lifting The Veil".

"Taking Sacred Back is a must-have for the beginner or the advanced ritualist. It is a concise well written guide, full of thoughtful work based on many years of actual experience. Nels and Judy have done a superb job of handling a complex subject while at the same time making it easy to understand and even easier to assimilate. It is an amazing book and I recommend it highly!"

H.E. Rev. Patrick McCollum - Author, "Courting The Lady", "The Sacred Path", and President, The Patrick McCollum Foundation

"Ritual ideas do not always materialize in the same way that we imagine them. The art of ritual design is something that is often underestimated until we find ourselves in a ritual where the energy does not flow and the functionality is stifled. Nels and Judy Linde have created a book that illustrates some of the best practices that they have perfected in their own community rituals. This well organized book gives a lot of depth and support to individuals and communities in designing and executing meaningful, exciting, productive and memorable rituals.:

Crystal Blanton - Author, "Bridging the Gap; Working within the Dynamics of Pagan Groups and Society "; Activist, and social worker.

"Pagan paths have proliferated over the past decades. Beginning with small, discrete congregations, we grew to coming together in larger communities. Of necessity, our rituals have had to expand and adapt to those larger numbers. Sometimes this has been well done and sometimes less successfully. Nels and Judy Linde are among those who, over a period of years, have approached larger ritual creatively, always noting, evaluating, and learning what works best and what doesn't. To our benefit, in this volume they’ve documented what they've learned and their sharing provides us a worthy contribution to a growing corpus of teachings about working magically with larger groups."

M. Macha NightMare (Aline O'Brien) Witch at Large, Interfaith Activist, Author, Ritualist

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Ritual: The Union of the Elements - 6

Part One: Your Ritual Plan

One: What Is Ritual? - 17

  • Why Create Community Ritual? 21
  • How to Use This Book 22
  • Ritual: Ancestor Chair 23

Two: Getting Started 31

  • Find and Assess Your Community 33
  • The Audience 36
  • The Ritual Team 40
  • Ritual: Gratitude 46

Three: Ritual Conception 53

  • Style 54
  • Inspiration 57
  • Brainstorming 63
  • Visioning 66
  • Working Within Limits 68
  • Ritual: Naming and Claiming the Shadow 68

Four: Your Purpose 77

  • Celebration 78
  • Fellowship 80
  • Rites of Passage 82
  • Devotional 89
  • Education Within Ritual 93
  • Ritual: Veterans' Pentacle Rights Ritual 95

Part Two: Your Ritual Toolbox

Five: Ritual Organization 105

  • Writing Your Intent 106
  • Description and Title 112
  • Create an Outline 113
  • Ritual: Ritual of the 13 Moons 117

Six: The Ritual Begins 131

  • Processions 133
  • Path-Workings 136
  • Gateways 137
  • Ritual: Tarot Path-Working Ritual 140

Seven: The Sacred Space 155

  • The Entry Challenge 156
  • Make Holy 158
  • Create a Safe Place 160
  • Guardians 162
  • Attunement 163
  • Become Sacred 165
  • Ritual: Ritual to Enki, the Father 166

Eight: Engage the Subconscious 175

  • Symbols and Symbolism 176
  • Vision 177
  • Sound 179
  • Words 183
  • Voice: Songs and Chants 185
  • The Intimate Senses: Taste, Smell, and Touch 188
  • Movement and Dance 189
  • Challenging the Intellect 192
  • Ritual: Journey into the Light 195

Nine: Awe and Wonder 203

  • Guided Meditation 204
  • Invocation and Evocation 207
  • Interactive Iconography 209
  • Gifts 210
  • Altars and Shrines 212
  • Ritual Props and Decorations 215
  • Illusion 219
  • Ritual: They Will Remain 221

Ten: Raising Energy 229

  • Empowering and Energizing 230
  • Creating Ecstasy 232
  • Guiding the Crescendo 233
  • Ritual Integration 234
  • Ritual Endings 235
  • Ritual: Path of the Serpent 238

Eleven: Pulling It All Together 243

  • Rehearsal 246
  • Stagecraft 248
  • Performance Tips 250
  • Special Needs 251
  • Problems and Solutions 253
  • Publicity 253
  • Assessment and Critique 255
  • Ritual Tomorrow 257
  • Ritual: Under the Canopy 258

Twelve: Amazing Props and Tools 263

  • Mounting Systems 267
  • Ground Marking 268
  • Clay Bead Necklace Gift 269
  • Mirrored Gloves 273
  • Hourglass Timer 273
  • Infinity Step Gateway 276
  • Natural Material Gateway 278
  • Participant Potato Printed Gateway 279
  • Gong Gateway 281
  • Sheer Flags/Path Gateways 284
  • Wheel Rope Canopy 285
  • Popcorn Poppet 287
  • Snake Walking Puppet 289
  • Shadow Screen 290
  • Magic Fire Starter 292
  • The True Mirror 295
  • Fire Effigy Figure 298
  • Ritual: Stone Soup 301

Thirteen: Adapting Ritual to Scale 307

  • Scaling Down 308
  • Scaling Up 309v
  • Processions 310
  • Songs and Chants 315
  • Ritual: Celebrate the Fullness (for 150 Participants) 316
  • Ritual: Celebrate the Fullness (Adapted for 800 Participants) 319

Bibliography 329

Ritual Books and Inspiration 331

Songs and Chants: Where to Find Them 333

Index 335

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