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African Djembe Drums

Two master craftsmen

djembe drum from Mali Hawkdancing

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The African Djembe

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This djembe drum from Mali is an instrument of beauty and grace. As a craftsman I can only work with, and appreciate what is real. Hand carved from a single log, with no production lathe work. Gorgeous heart wood carefully selected, dried and finished. Master craftsman working in the home of djembe drum music, Bamako, Mali, use European rope and ancient skills to produce a classic instrument to honor their ancestors ....

Building djembes and playing professional djembes, learning traditional drum rhythms has been a love of mine for 25 years. I started making clay drums as a craftsman in the 80's. Drums of all kinds: Djembes, Doumbeks, Hoop and Bottle drums. Seeking a source of reliable goatskins, I began importing goat skin from Pakistan, and later from Africa. I first imported Ivory Coast and then Guinea djembes. After years of searching I found a reliable source for the best Professional djembe drums and percussion from Mali. Please take a look.


Two Master Craftsmen

A Ceramic artist and drum builder who grew up in a rock shop with a silversmith marries a belly dancing master Goldsmith who always loved working in clay. After nearly forty years of fine craft work, marketed in stores, galleries, and at fairs and festivals, we gave up trying to please others and now just make what we love to make each day!

Two Master Craftsmen make fine crafts
Judy Olson-Linde / Nels Linde
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Together we have eighty years of creativity and bring the highest standards of craftsmanship and love to each piece we make. We sometimes collaborate in design, or help each other in production, or just support our individual creative process, but our customers get the benefit of our working together. You can trust each item sold here is of the highest quality.

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